• Individual Health Insurance

What is considered Individual Health Insurance?

Individual Health Insurance is that coverage that individuals purchase independently.  This form of coverage is regulated and controlled by each state separately.

Purchasing individual coverage is done through licensed health insurance agents or brokers, and are offered by a wide range of carriers.

Individual coverage is quite different than group coverage that is offered by most employers.  Benefits are often times less extensive and do not necessarily provide coverage for services such as maternity, substance abuse, or mental health.

Premiums for individual coverage often times are a great deal higher than group coverage due to risk variables. 

Individuals are asked to provide health information about themselves and family members that will be included in the policy.  Additional information can also be requested from the applicants physician.

Pre-existing conditions, high blood pressure, smoking, age, gender, previous health history can often times all be a factor in assessing the applicants health status, and thus the premium is determined based on this information.


Today, more choices for healthcare exist than ever before. This only increases the need to educate yourself about the numerous different types of health insurance plans. There are several types of insurance plans, and many different healthcare providers for each type of plan.

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